Marine robotics

Introducing Gen Serv GS 101, the automated hydrographic survey solution that is revolutionizing the surveying industry.Conventional hydrographic surveys can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Boats may not achieve precise area coverage and sufficient detail may not be provided.

  • Fully Automated boat GS 101 uses automated depth acquisition technology on a light unmanned boat with an onboard, high-quality, echo sounder to sound an area. The strength of the system is that missions are carried out in a fully automated manner, from launch to docking. That means highly precise navigation routes over predefined areas are achieved – and the collection of data is much easier, and faster, than on traditional, human-operated boats.
  • With GS 101, surveyors can now remotely and safely measure large, difficult-to-reach, or dangerous areas.
  • GS 101 is highly efficient. With one battery charge, the environmentally-friendly vessel can quietly scan several kilometers. Petrol is used for large areas.