About us

Gen Surv Robotics , the pioneer of  automated solutions in Thailand. With a team of experts in marine and land robotic engineering, Gen Surv researches, designs and develops automated solutions for automated hydrographic survey services and logistics . Our mission is to provide a faster, better, less labour intensive, efficient, environmental friendlier automated solutions.

Our expertise:

  • System Integrator in  automation and robotics. We provide the expertise you need to get the job done. From identifying the necessary equipments to technical support, installation, continued service and training.
  • Unmanned Solutions researched and developed by our inhouse robotic experts:
    • Unmanned Boat for survery: GS101
    • ROV : Remotely Operated Vehicle for underwater survey.
    • Container AGV: for unmanned large fleet transfer
    • ATV: Autonomous All Terrain Vehicle
  • Autonomous Forklifts for warehouses and logistics
  • Container AGVs for autonomous large fleet transports.
  • Contract Research in robotics and unmanned solution.
  • Supplies

We provide you the top of the line, innovative hydrographic and survey equipments on the market today. We also provide you with a full-line of integrated systems that will take you from the pre-planning stages to the successful completion of your project.